Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m an artist who loves drawing flowers, people, animals and all sorts of things that interest me or catch my eye. I like to apply these to the pottery I make. I have long been interested and inspired by pottery that carries a narrative such as that of the ancient Mediterranean and early engraved transferware.

My pottery work is all individually hand made and painted. I use pinching and coiling techniques to make one off pottery and figures and my aim is to make evident the process of hand making and glazing in the finished piece. For example, I don’t aim for symmetry or smooth surfaces and the glaze varies in coverage in order to achieve a more painterly look. I feel this adds to the character and true nature of an individual handmade piece. I work within the earthenware firing range as I am interested in the colour possibilities this has to offer. I use red earthenware clay, coloured slips and maiolica glazes with inglaze painting. I also use enamel glazes and lustres.

I make work in small groups and sell directly through this website or my instagram accounts @starry.clover and @oh-silvery-sea.

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